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Head Over Paws in Love: A Poem for Your Dog on Valentine's Day

Graphic image of an envelope sealed with a heart

To my furry friend so dear,

With a wagging tail and eyes so big and clear.

On this day of love, I just have to say,

You certainly brighten up each and every day.

Your paws prance in a playful beat,

My doggy Valentine, you’re so sweet.

Fetching balls and running free,

You mean the absolute world to me!

From nose to tail, you're a pure delight,

In the morning sun & the soft moonlight.

With fur so soft and a heart so true,

You're my fur-ever Valentine, through and through.

Cuddling close with fur-ever love,

You were sent from the heavens, like a gift from above.

Who needs chocolates, wrapped in a bow?

When puppy kisses steal the show!

So here's a treat, a hug, a kiss,

To my loyal pup, you're pure bliss.

On Valentine's Day, let's celebrate,

You, my pup, make the world great!

With your wagging tail and a soul so kind,

PAWfect PALentine,

You’re fur-ever mine!

Written with love by Melissa D.

owner of Dough ReMia's Doggie Dough

Girl hugging dog
They call it puppy love! Valentine's Day with your Dog


Time to Spoil Your Pup: BAKE with LOVE

graphic image of a heart

Love is a four-legged word, so sweet,

With furry cuddles and a sweet heartbeat.

Valentine's Day, a time to snuggle tight,

With your fur-ever pup, a pure delight.

Bake with love, make every moment shine,

it is totally divine!

Pup-tastic fun treats to savor,

Your pup is sure to devour every flavor!

it's a homemade treat,

For paws and hearts, it can't be beat!

Cuddles and cuteness, a perfect display,

Prepare Dough ReMia's Doggie Dough this Valentine's Day (or anyday!)

BONE Appetit! XOXO


How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Dog?

See poll below...

Man hugging dog
PAW-fect PAL-entine! XOXOX

How Will You Celebrate Valentine's Day with your Dog(s)?

  • 0%Bake their favorite treats

  • 0%Buy a new dog toy

  • 0%Snuggle!

  • 0%Take an extra long walk

You can vote for more than one answer.


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