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Cody and Nemo


(a.k.a. "Love Letters" from our Pawsome Customers)

We could go on all day about our DOGGIE DOUGH, our products & our values;

but our customers just tell it better!  

colorful billboard in Brooklyn with Dough ReMia's tagline: we make it. you bake it. They love it!

Billboard in Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Oz and Khaleesi

After meeting Dr. Oz at our local Farmer's Market in Bryn Athyn, PA; he left with two Doggie Doughs & immediately baked them for his pup. 
Below is the video he shared with us on his IG story!
As he states, Dough ReMia's Doggie Dough is
"Finger licking good!"

It's Dr. Oz and Khaleesi Aprroved!

"Khaleesi enjoyed the treats.  It was easy to handle and bake."   -Dr. Mehmet Oz



I was a taste tester for Doggie Dough before it hit the market and let me tell you I am one lucky dog. To be perfectly honest, I am pretty picky. Maybe it’s the poodle in me or the terrier or both... who knows. But these are the best treats I’ve ever had. So good in fact, I thought they were people cookies. (Not that I’ve ever had any people food...wink wink.) But from now on I am not going to settle for anything less. Thanks Dough ReMia!


charlee paw.jpg

Literally waits by the oven for her treats to be ready and is learning to be patient while they cool.  I can honestly say that Doggie Dough Dog Treats are her absolute favorite!  Charlee cannot get enough of both the original and nut-free recipes.  We constantly have dough in the fridge with her name on it!

Cody & Nemo


Doggie Dough was created for Nemo, our first treat tester in his old age, and boy did he love the treats that were specially made for him!  Cody, our picky eater was the one who let us know that Doggie Dough would be a hit.  After all, he turns his nose to most food!  Cody never lets a chance pass him by when offered both original and nut-free Doggie Dough treats (in fact he's been known to devour almost the entire roll all by himself!)

"I love Dough ReMia's Doggie Dough!  It is extremely versatile.  It's so easy to administer medication to dogs using the raw dough, which is totally safe to be consumed by your dog due to the healthy ingredients that are all vegetarian, dairy-free, & gluten-free."

                                                - Dr. Jillian Geffen, Veterinarian

Melanie (Max & Maggie)

My dogs are OBSESSED!!! 

I added the apple and cinnamon per your suggestion. They keep asking for more!!!!  We were DYING at how much they love them- from the second I opened the dough...And they aren't dogs that are super into food.  They were both following me around on their hind legs waiting for more!!!

Susan (Colby)

I'm loving this!!!  So cute and such a good feeling baking for your doggie!!!  Awesome creation!!! 

Thank you!!!!

Jill (Jake)

An amazing product!  Pure, wholesome ingredients.  While baking, the house smelled delightful.  This was a fun way for my children to help care for the dog.  My son loved making mini dog biscuits with the dog bone cutter.

Melissa was so helpful when choosing a flavor.  She took the time to explain each flavor and the ingredients.  She fully explained the best way to bake and save the treats.  I'll never be able to feed my dog store bought treats again! 

Michelle (Samson & Bowie)

Best dog treats!!  I have 2 dogs- one is 14 and basically stopped eating (kibble and dog treats).  The vet told us he was on borrowed time.  We tried everything to get him to eat.  I decided to get the dough & bake these treats for him and he finally wanted to eat!!!  These treats saved my dog!!!! He can't get enough & they actually bring back his appetite for his regular kibble.  My other younger dog LOVES them, too and can barely wait for them to come out of the oven to eat them!  I highly recommend these treats.  Your dogs will love them and & love you even more for baking them!!

Lisa (Boomer)

Boomer loves the treats made with Doggie Dough!  It was very easy to work with. Love that you could just slice and use the cookie cutter.  I never used a rolling pin.  I also gave some to our neighbors' dogs as gifts.  I froze the second pack I purchased to make later this month.

Miley & Reggie

I2 dogs waiting by the oven

We love seeing photos of your pups enjoying their Dough ReMia's Doggie Dough Treats.  Tag us on Ig @dough_ReMia #DoggieDough

and your photos might be featured!

owner of Dough ReMia's Doggie Dough pointing to the billboard in Brooklyn

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